Jon Snow of Britain's Channel 4 meets Jon Snow from 'Game of Thrones'

The broadcaster tweeted a picture of himself with actor Kit Harington.

Evan Bleier

LONDON, April 28 (UPI) -- Spoiler Alert: British broadcaster Jon Snow meets namesake from Game of Thrones.

Channel 4 News journalist Jon Snow met with Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on the popular HBO show, to help the actor promote his new film Pompeii.


Snow agreed to the meeting even though he isn’t very familiar with the series.

“I haven't seen Game of Thrones, but I know there is a character called Jon Snow in it. It has been arranged for me to interview him soon,” Snow told the Guardian before the meeting. “I wonder how the author of the original books on which Game of Thrones is based came up with the character's name?”

Jon Snow is known for being the longest-running presenter at Channel 4 News, having begun his career there in 1989, several years before A Game of Thrones was published in 1996.

In the world that author George R.R. Martin created, the Snow character is the illegitimate son of Lord Ned Stark, and got his name because of where he was born. In Martin’s books, illegitimate children born in the north are given the last name Snow because of the climate.

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