Florida man asks judge for atheist lawyer following alleged attack on Jesus-looking roomate

"I'm allowed to be with someone of my own kind," suspect says.

By Evan Bleier
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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla., April 9 (UPI) -- A Florida man had a very specific request when he asked a judge to switch up his public defender.

Gustav Potthoff, who is accused of attacking his roommate with a butter knife because he thought he looked like Jesus, told an Orange County judge that he deserves to “be with someone of my own kind."


Potthoff is an atheist.

"It's just my human rights and everything else," said Potthoff. "I'm allowed to be with someone of my own kind."

The judge told the 51-year-old that if he wants an atheist attorney, he’s going to have to pay for it himself.

Even though he has no money, Potthoff also rejected the idea of an agnostic lawyer. "It's a sacrilegious thing," he told the judge.

During the alleged incident, Potthoff's roommate was watching television in the living room when Potthoff threw a glass. It missed and Potthoff then went after the man with a butter knife.

Potthoff has denied that he threw the glass.

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