Swedish restaurant called 'A [Expletive] Awesome Sandwich' opening for business soon

Owner also owns a restaurant with a name that translates to "Your mother is a prostitute" in Spanish.

By Evan Bleier

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, April 4 (UPI) -- A new restaurant in Sweden set to open this spring is already offending some potential customers and it hasn’t even served up any food.

The shop, "A [Expletive] Awesome Sandwich,” is being opened by two brothers. One of the brothers, Christian Ingber, lived in New York for a time and learned that the swear word doesn’t always have negative connotations.


"It's not the F-word in a negative context," he told The Local. "It could be a question of humor, we thought it was a fun name. My 7-year-old daughter is not allowed to swear, but she knows how to use '[expletive]' in the right context."

Ingber also owns Puta Madre, which means "Your mother is a prostitute" in Spanish.

Not everyone is impressed.

"Swedes use the English language and use curse words and think it's cute and charming," said American-Swede Karen Rowland. "It's part of their lexicon but also I think they don't realize how many immigrants speak English."

"To see the word rather than the product, that almost makes me a bit annoyed," Ingber said. "I bet that 90 percent of those that grumble about us letting a child say [expletive] take their children to be poisoned at McDonald's."


A commercial for the restaurant posted on Facebook features Ingber’s daughter.

“Spoken like a true vulgarian (look it up - I am sure you will have to),” wrote one commenter.

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