'Slap-ass Friday' is an issue at Las Vegas middle school

Students at Escobedo Middle School have to watch their backs.
By Evan Bleier  |  April 4, 2014 at 12:03 PM
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LAS VEGAS, April 4 (UPI) -- Parents at a Las Vegas school are trying to leave a weekly school tradition involving their children’s backsides far behind.

“Slap-ass Friday” has reportedly been going on at Escobedo Middle School for a number of years and parents are getting sick and tired of it.

"I am just outraged. I feel like I'm sending her to be into a pack of wolves every day," said Denise Delucia, guardian of a seventh-grade girl. "I actually am going to keep her out of school until the situation is resolved on Fridays. I'm not letting her go to be accosted on Fridays, that is not acceptable.”

Fifteen-year-old Amirah Shotlow told 8 News Now that the weekly slappings are commonplace.

"It just happens everywhere. It's all over school, you just every Friday, they come and smack girls' butts," Shotlow said. "It's kind of weird. Why do that at school, when we're here to like learn? We're not here to do that kind of stuff, you know?"

Clark County School District police say they are unaware of the tradition.

High school senior Tasha Rasmussen, 17, remembers the tradition all too well.

"It happened every single Friday of every single week of every single month throughout the whole entire year," Rasmussen said. "I just think it's inappropriate. We were young and I just don't believe that it should have been done. I definitely think there should be a stop to it. Somebody needs to bring the consequences to the students’ attention. It is frowned upon. It is bad. It is gross.”

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