Tim Duncan and Spurs 'haunted' by ghosts during stay at Claremont Resort in Berkeley

"I heard about the history of the place, and I’d rather not [stay there again]," Duncan says.

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San Antonio Spurs playyer Tim Duncan in 2013. (File/UPI /Lori Shepler)
San Antonio Spurs playyer Tim Duncan in 2013. (File/UPI /Lori Shepler) | License Photo

During a trip to the Bay Area to take on the Golden State Warriors, the San Antonio Spurs stayed at Berkeley’s Claremont Resort.

If players Tim Duncan and Jeff Ayres get their way, it will be the final time they ever visit that establishment.



Ayres and Duncan think that the Claremont is haunted.

When Ayres went to his room, he reportedly heard a child crying from within. After the key he had been given failed to open the door, he called the front desk.

“They’re like, ‘We can get you a new key and send you up with security and make sure nobody’s there, because there shouldn’t be anybody in there.’ Then they’re like, ‘We’ll just get you a new room.’ It was the creepiest thing,” Ayres said. “I heard a couple of other guys heard babies in the hallway, kids running down the hallway. Creepy. I really heard voices and a baby in the room, and there wasn’t anybody in there. It was crazy.”

The hotel is supposedly home to a number of ghosts, including the spirit of a 6-year-old girl who died there.


“None of the spirits here are reported as being harmful, just playful. The maids and other guests have reported lights flickering, televisions going on while you’re in the shower, and drawers opening by themselves. Nevertheless, there’s a distinctly eerie feeling when you go to the 4th floor. We didn’t even know any of the stories when we got here, yet we could feel something strange as soon as we stepped off the elevator. I just attributed it to being an old hotel,” photographer Kathy Davenport wrote in a blog post, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

The girl’s ghost supposedly haunts room 422. That may have been where Ayres was staying.

“I heard a baby in his room. There was somebody or something in his room, yeah. I definitely heard something. It wasn’t creepy, because I assumed it was really somebody in the room, and they gave him the wrong room,” Duncan said. “But when they told me the story the next day about calling up there and no one in the room, it’s at that point you get chills. I totally agreed with him. There was a baby there, absolutely. I heard about the history of the place, and I’d rather not [stay there again].”


Creeped out or not, the Spurs were still able to leave town with a 99-90 victory over the Warriors.

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