Naughty dog dials 911 on owner's smartphone

Dogs should know better than to cry wolf.

Aileen Graef

A dog in Nebraska alarmed a 911 dispatcher when she accidentally dialed the emergency number on her owner's smartphone.

The dispatcher who answered the dog Sophie's call only heard breathing and scratching, until the dog's owner Melissa Acosta came on the line with a very confused dispatcher.


"Hello? This is 911. Is there an emergency?" asked the operator.

"No my dog just ... I just got my phone away from my dog," replied an embarrassed Acosta.

Acosta thought the dog had just been cuddling near her but she says it was really embarrassing, and even more embarrassing when she realized the phone was on speaker.

Though it is the first time this has happened in this particular town, this has happened elsewhere before. A man in Canada was arrested after his dog called police and they found out the owner had an outstanding arrest warrant.

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