Ghost hunters head to New Hampshire store after surveillance video shows 'paranormal activity'

The Ellacoya Country Store may have a ghost -- or two.

Evan Bleier

After a surveillance video that was taken in a New Hampshire store appearing to show the glass cover of a cake display flying off the counter all by itself went viral, ghost hunters decided to head up north to check it out.

The Ellacoya Country Store has been all anyone has been talking about in Gilford since the “ghost” revealed its presence.


In the video, store employee Heidi Boyd can be seen investigating the mysterious happening. “I heard this big bang and crash," Boyd told News 9. "I walked around and looked and it was on the floor.”

The video was first posted on the Ellacoya Barn & Grille Facebook page.

“We've known that the barn is haunted for years, but this is the first time on film! Ghost hunters are coming to check the place out, there is so much history here. So cool,” the store wrote on Facebook.

According to store owner Steve Buzzota, there have been paranormal incidents in the past. “We've had a couple of incidents where people had their shoulders pulled,” he said.

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