Ohio firefighter proposes to sweetheart during staged school fire drill

Justin Deierling proposed to Megan Zahorec in front of staff and students at Greentown School.
By Evan Bleier   |   March 26, 2014 at 4:38 PM
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An Ohio firefighter enlisted the help of the staff at Greentown School in North Canton to create a wedding proposal that his future wife will never forget.

Greentown firefighter Justin proposed to his girlfriend, school counselor Megan Zahorec, at the school during a staged fire drill on March 19. The date was significant because it was six months from the day the couple first met.

As part of the proposal, Deierling’s buddies at the Greentown Volunteer Fire Company brought a truck with a sign reading "Will You Marry Me? I Love You, Justin."

When Deierling, 31, dropped to one knee, Zahorec nearly collapsed before managing to say “yes.”

As a thank-you to the students at the school, Deierling got 600 ring pops. "I've learned just how important the kids are to her," he told the New York Daily News. "I wanted to include the kids, the school and her job."

The newly engaged couple hasn’t set a date yet.

"The kids were so excited for me. They were jumping around in the halls and saying, 'Congratulations on getting married during the fire drill,'" Zahorec said. "They were so happy it made me so happy…They want us to get married in the gym. At least, we will show them pictures of whatever we do."

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