Florida man gets trapped in bathroom during failed panty raid

Manual Rodriguez was charged with burglary and petit theft after arrest on Saturday night.

By Evan Bleier

A man who was allegedly attempting to steal panties, towels and other laundry items was arrested and charged with burglary and petit theft after a Florida family was able to trap him in a downstairs bathroom in their home over the weekend.

The Gonzalez family was sleeping in their Golden Gate home when a loud noise woke them up.


"We heard a big boom sound. My husband got up, ran to my kids' room," mother Janet Gonzalez told WZVN.

With baseball bats in hand, the family went downstairs to investigate and noticed a bicycle outside with some of their things piled alongside of it. "It's very odd because he [the suspect] had our laundry detergent, towels and laundry basket," Gonzalez said.

After looking all over, the family finally realized there was someone hiding in the downstairs bathroom. "We were all in the living room and we heard a noise. That's when we realized, has someone checked the bathroom?" Gonzalez said.

Suspect Manual Rodriguez was trapped in the bathroom after all the family members piled against the door so he couldn’t get out.

When deputies arrived to arrest the 21-year-old, they didn’t find any weapons on him, but they did find something else.


"He had my little girl's panties in his pockets and one on the sink," Gonzalez said. "To me only a sick, perverted person would do that…Get help."

No one was harmed during the burglary attempt.


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