Facebook places Philadelphia residents 'in Camden' or 'near Camden' much to their chagrin

A social media border war is being fought on the banks of the Delaware River.
By Evan Bleier  |  March 21, 2014 at 4:34 PM
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If you are not form Philadelphia or from Camden, you might not have noticed, but apparently Facebook tags posts from residents within the City of Brotherly Love as being "in Camden" or "near Camden."

This is an issue. Apparently so much of one, that state Rep. Brian Sims felt compelled to mention the mislabeling during a recent trip he made to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

"On the list of problems that legislators should be addressing, I don't think this one's particularly high on the list," Sims told Newsworks. "It was something that they have clearly heard about. And, in truth, it's actually not a Facebook issue per se. It's an issue of satellites and geo-location, but it is something they are working to correct."

When it does get fixed, at least one other Philadelphian will certainly be pleased.

"I'm just kind of mind-boggled that Facebook can't tell the difference between Camden and Philadelphia," said Temple University alumna Helen Heath Mosher. "That they can't figure out which side of the river I'm on just bothers me."

Although Mosher and Sims have a problem with it, the issue might not be that big a deal.

A Facebook page entitled “Philadelphia is more than Near Camden, NJ” only has 10 “likes.”

Graduate Hospital neighborhood resident Brendon Shank sounds as if he represents the faction of people who aren’t bothered by the mistake. "It's one of those funny quirky things, and, you know, Philadelphia is nothing but rife with funny quirky things that, you know, sometimes we want to change and sometimes we don't," Shank said.

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