Kansas Walmart customer loses tooth after cursing at self-checkout machine

Man was punched in the face during altercation caused by the checkout machine.

Evan Bleier
A sign on a Walmart store (File/UPI/Jim Ruymen)
A sign on a Walmart store (File/UPI/Jim Ruymen) | License Photo

WICHITA, Kan., March 4 (UPI) -- A fight broke out a Kansas Walmart in Wichita on Monday afternoon after a customer became frustrated with a self-checkout machine and began cursing at the device.

The 36-year-old man had difficulty completing his transaction and held up the line, much to the chagrin of an unnamed 35-year-old Hispanic male.


Capt. Doug Nolte told the Wichita Eagle that the Hispanic man confronted the fuming customer and they engaged in a dispute that continued outside of the store. Once the altercation spilled outside, a 40-year-old black man got involved and punched the cursing customer in the face.

The punch knocked out one of his teeth. Nolte said that the man, who was white, started “throwing out some racial slurs after the fight started.” According to Nolte, the language “heightened the confrontation.”

Once police arrived on the scene, the only man left was the one who lost his tooth.

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