Dog mayoral candidate blocked from running because of paperwork errors

Dylan Westie wanted to be on the ballot for the May 5 election in Irving, Texas

Evan Bleier

IRVING , Texas, Feb. 19 (UPI) -- Residents of Irving, Texas came within a hair of having a dog running for mayor.

Terrier Dylan Westie and his owner and attorney, Mark Howard, filed a petition attempting to get the canine on the ballot for the May 5 election.


Westie was so serious about the run that he created a Twitter account to share his thoughts about the problems that are plaguing Irving. “He doesn’t do a great job at typing,” said Howard, a political satire writer. “But…you’ll find some really good tweets out there.”

Here’s a portion of the announcement about Westie’s candidacy:

“Hearing the growing community-yelping that a significant portion of council leadership has gone to the dogs, Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, has been gnawing over the possibility of running for Mayor of Irving. After due consideration, he has decided that it is time for a real Alpha dog to enter the fray and restore integrity, transparency and fairness.”

Unfortunately, there were problems with Westie’s paperwork that disqualified him from running. The city also apparently said he was ineligible because he’s not a registered voter.


“If you look at all the cat fighting, what better way to solve a catfight than get a dog in the mix,” Howard told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

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