London police reports indicate clowns are serious business

LONDON, Jan. 25 (UPI) -- Police in London aren't clowning around when they say they've dealt with a lot of clowns in the past year, records indicate.

A Freedom of Information request by a London blogger found 117 cases in which police reports referred to the word "clown," the London Evening Standard reported Saturday.


In one case, the suspect in an assault was described as being dressed like a clown, including a painted face. In another, a burglar was said to have hair "like Krusty the Clown" of The Simpson's fame. In 39 cases, the word "clown" was used as an insult.

One person said they were threatened by henchmen in clown costumes.

Late last year, a group of pranksters in Norfolk dressed up as clowns and deliberately startled passers-by. Police had to put out a notice telling the public to ignore clowns.

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