Dog with deodorant can causes explosion at British couple's home

GOLDTHORPE, England, Jan. 9 (UPI) -- Firefighters said an explosion that caused $3,300 in damage to a British home was likely caused by a can of deodorant punctured by a puppy's jaws.

Kerry Leech, 20, and Mathew Heckler, 22, said they rushed to their Goldthorpe, England, home recently when they received messages about an explosion at their house and they arrived to discover the house surrounded by firefighters, the Mirror reported Thursday.


"We were out in the car when we received texts saying our house had been blown up, then we were told the living room window had blown out," Leech said. "I was panicking about our pets and rushed back. We saw flashing lights, two fire engines were outside the house and the street was blocked off. We thought someone had put something through the letter-box or there had been a gas explosion."

Firefighters told the couple the fire appears to have started when Zeus, their 6-month-old whippet mix, bit into a can of spray deodorant and left the punctured can next to the gas fireplace. The can ignited when a burner came on,

"The explosion completely smashed out our bay window, cracked the fireplace, destroyed the floorboards and the sofa is completely ruined. We have had to buy a new one," Heckler said.


The damage was estimated at about $3,300.

However, the couple said Zeus, along with their two other dogs and three cats, made it out of the home unscathed.

"Zeus is not in the doghouse for what he had done. He's just a pup and at the moment he'll chew anything," Leech said.

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