Megyn Kelly jokes about sleeping with meteorologist Janice Dean during Hercules coverage

"It's not like that," Kelly said.

By Evan Bleier

Things are never dull with Megyn Kelly…

During coverage of Winter Storm Hercules on Thursday evening, the Fox News host attempted to heat things up by making a joke about spending the night with meteorologist Janice Dean.


While Dean was on The Kelly File reporting that New York-area businesses were shutting down in preparation for the storm, Kelly asked, "Does that mean you and I are having another night in bed together?"

Dean was speechless for a few seconds and mumbled something about being “without words,” before accurately predicting that “we are going to be on YouTube in a few minutes.”

After they both had a laugh about it, Kelly explained the two women shared a hotel room during Hurricane Sandy.

“I’m happy to say you’re the only female I’ve ever shared a bed with,” Dean informed the audience.

Just in case anyone failed to buy that explanation, Kelly felt the need to further clarify. “We’re godmothers to each other’s children,” Kelly said. “It’s not like that.”


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