Pub: Water served instead of vodka was meant for burglars

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MOTALA, Sweden, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- A Swedish pub said a vodka bottle filled with water was intended to fool burglars and was not supposed to be served to customers.

An angry customer at Harry's Pub in Motala posted to Facebook Friday night to complain the vodka he had been served in his drinks was actually water, reported Monday.


The customer said he and some friends became suspicious that their mixed drinks did not actually contain any alcohol, so he ordered a vodka and Red Bull from the same bottle. He said the drink again tasted like it did not contain alcohol, so he ordered a shot of straight vodka.

"It wasn't vodka, it wasn't watered-down vodka, IT WAS PURE WATER IN THE SHOT!" the man posted on Facebook.

The pub responded on its own Facebook page to explain the incident.

"A rumor is going around that we switched our vodka with water. This is not true," the posting read. "We happened to have a bottle of water yesterday but removed it immediately when we realized it was water. So everyone who has been here has received vodka in their drinks except for that shot."


Pub owner Daniel Ringstrom said the vodka bottle filled with water was not meant to be served to customers. He said the bottle was one of several put out earlier this year to fool burglars after about 40 bottles of vodka were stolen from the establishment.

"We got tired of it and decided to fill several vodka bottles with water. We have since removed them but apparently missed one," Ringstrom told local newspaper Corren. "I have spoken with the person and explained. I think the guest overreacted."

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