Pennsylvania man celebrates 109th birthday

GLENBURN TOWNSHIP, Pa., Dec. 9 (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania man who marked his 109th birthday said he does not know the secret to longevity, but he would "patent it" if he did.

Leo Moskovitz, 109, who celebrated his birthday Sunday with family at friends in Glenburn Township, said he has been alternating between oatmeal and eggs for breakfast for most of his life, but he doesn't know if his diet has anything to do with his longevity, the Times-Tribune in Scranton reported Monday.


"If I knew what the secret was, I'd patent it," Moskovitz said.

Ann Moskovitz, 87, his wife of 45 years, said Leo used to have a more playful answer for questions about his good health.

"You always used to say, 'no peer pressure and God can't find me,' " she said.

Moskovitz joked his name has never been listed in the phone book.

"When the Lord is looking for help, he won't find your name there," Moskovitz said. "He can't call you."

However, Moskovitz said he knows God will "catch on eventually."

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