Florida man finds $50K worth of bonds in trashed Christmas tree box

Anthony Garofalo picked up box off the curb three years ago.
By Evan Bleier Follow @itishowitis Contact the Author   |  Dec. 9, 2013 at 9:40 AM
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Dec. 9 (UPI) -- Florida man Anthony Garofalo is happy that he finally got around to opening a Christmas tree box he snagged off the side of the road three years ago because it ended up having $50,000 worth of U.S. bonds inside.

Garofalo, a single father, had been stashing the box until his son would be old enough to appreciate the tree that he thought was inside.

“I happened to see a Christmas tree in a box, said ‘Christmas tree.’ And so it was all taped up and sealed, so I figured well, he was only one month old at the time, this is three years ago and I figured, I would just save the tree until he could appreciate Christmas,” Garofalo said.

If he ends up keeping the small fortune, it will be a big help for his 3-year-old son Rory.

“I’m disabled and the economy is so tough right now, trying to raise this little guy by myself, with no help from anybody. So we go out scrapping together. We get metals, any precious metals, aluminum, copper,” Garofalo said.

The bonds list Donald Tran as the owner and Theodore M. Tran as his beneficiary. Efforts to contact the Trans have been unsuccessful thus far, but Garofalo says he will keep trying.

“What’s right is what’s right and what’s wrong is what’s wrong. I have no right to that. It’s nothing of mine. So, I just feel like since there is a beneficiary, even if this man has passed, his family can enjoy this money and that’s a lot of money.”

Garofalo wants to return the bonds, but that doesn’t mean he would turn down a finder’s fee. “Oh no. Not at all, anything he could do to help me would be incredible. We’re scrounging to survive here,” he said.

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