Swedish police officer disciplined for in-uniform sex tape

UPPSALA, Sweden, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- A Swedish police officer was disciplined for recording a sex tape while in uniform and sending it to a colleague, police said.

An Uppsala police disciplinary board heard the officer, whose name was not released, recorded a sexual encounter in the police headquarters dressing room in November while he was wearing his uniform, reported Friday.


The officer sent the tape to a colleague he had not met in person, but knew from text message correspondence, the board heard.

The colleague brought the tape to the attention of the board, which ruled the officer had sexually molested the colleague by sending the tape and "violated their sexual integrity."

The board said the officer's activities could damage public perception of police, "especially as he was wearing the uniform during the recording."

The officer was docked five days' salary and issued a stern warning not to commit further offenses.

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