California mini-mart loses liquor license for illegal grow operation behind beer cooler

"They violated their ABC privileges," says Alcoholic Beverage Control agent.

Evan Bleier

Dec. 5 (UPI) -- A California mini-mart has had its liquor license suspended because law enforcement officials found a marijuana growing operation behind the beer coolers.

Officials found 92 marijuana plants and associated indoor growing equipment at the 76 Food Mart in Yuba City back on June 4, leading to the arrest of brothers Eric Hien Vu, 33, and Binh Khoa Vu, 26. The confiscated pot was valued at between $768,000 and $1.9 million.


The owners of the store, Cuong Van Nguyen and Hung Van Vu, agreed to the penalty. "They violated their ABC privileges," said Alcoholic Beverage Control agent John Carr. "The license is suspended for 30 days and thereafter indefinitely to allow the owner to sell the license to another person.”

Due to the suspension, the store won't be able to sell alcohol until at least Jan. 4.

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