Message in a bottle travels 6,000 miles to remote Chilean island

LAITEC, Chile, Dec. 4 (UPI) -- A 13-year-old living on a remote Chilean island discovered a message in a bottle thrown into the ocean more than 6,000 miles away by an Australian man.

Abraham Carimoney, of the island of Laitec, discovered the bottle in the sand on the island's coast while walking to school recently. He opened it to discover a letter from Australian boat captain Matt Jensen, the Santiago Times reported Wednesday.


Carimoney was able to respond to Jensen's letter with help from his teachers.

"Abraham was really surprised," one of his teachers said. "Everyone on the island is talking about it: The other children imagine that Matt might visit Abraham and take him on a trip, or maybe that he will arrive with gifts."

Jensen said he would like to visit the remote island, a trip that involves riding on two ferries.

Jensen said he has thrown about 2,000 bottled messages into the ocean and more than 10 percent have yielded responses from various locations across the globe.

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