Ohio residents fond of neighborhood's mean swan

Oct. 7, 2013 at 3:52 PM
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MEDINA, Ohio, Oct. 7 (UPI) -- Residents of on Ohio neighborhood said they put up with an aggressive swan living in a nearby lake because he keeps the geese away.

Brian Neuhauser said Sammy the swan is well known in his Medina neighborhood for chasing people who come too close in the Forest Meadow subdivision's lake, and he occasionally attacks humans, The Medina Gazette reported Monday.

"He hit me on the arm once -- it was like being hit by a hammer," Neuhauser said. "I had a bruise for a month."

However, Neuhauser said he and his neighbors put up with Sammy's bad attitude because he performs an important service.

"We couldn't use the lake if it weren't for Sammy," he said. "He keeps the water free of Canada geese."

Resident Gene Febus said he started feeding the swan when he first spotted him 14 years ago.

"He's especially territorial in the spring, during mating season," Febus said. "I tried to fix him up with another swan that settled here, but Sammy wouldn't hear about it. He chased her away."

Febus said swans mate for life, and it is possible Sammy lost his mate and is not interested in replacing her.

"He's going it alone," he said.

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