Breast cancer charity rejects donation from topless show

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 2 (UPI) -- Performers in a Las Vegas topless dance show said they were shocked when breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure declined a portion of ticket sales.

The dancers in the Crazy Girls at the Riviera show said they wanted to donation a portion of ticket sales from their 26th anniversary show to the breast cancer foundation, but their offer was declined, KVVU-TV, Las Vegas, reported Wednesday.


"We were all pretty shocked. Why would they refuse?" dancer Summer Ferguson said.

The dancers said they chose the research group because they have known family members and fellow dancers on the show were diagnosed with breast cancer.

"It's really hard not to take it personal. Breast cancer runs in my family as well, so it's really hurtful," a dancer with the stage name Victoria said.

Stephanie Kirby, Susan G. Komen's executive director for southern Nevada, said the group as a national policy to avoid partnering with certain types of businesses, including those seen as sexualizing women.

"It just doesn't fall in line with who we are as an organization. There are too many survivors out there who no longer have the body part that is being displayed at a lot of these shows," Kirby said.


She said the group appreciates the offer and would like to sit down with the dancers and explain the decision.

"And we respect the efforts that are being made. It's just not a partnership we can enter in to. We're not too good for the money, and we're not trying to be snobs about it," Kirby said.

The dancers said they are seeking another breast cancer charity to accept a portion of the ticket sales from Thursday's 26th anniversary show.

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