Couple find six double-yolked eggs in a single package

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BREADSALL, England, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- A British couple's discovery of a package of six eggs that all had double yolks was an odds-beating find, experts say.

John Winfield, 48, said he picked up some eggs at the store near his Breadsall, England, home, so he and his wife Angela could make fried eggs, the Derby Telegraph reported Monday.


Winfield said he was surprised to discover the first egg contained two yolks.

"My wife and I often have eggs but I'd never seen a double yolk before in all my life," he said. "Then I cracked another open and I couldn't believe it -- there was another one. The odds of what was happening kept going through my head. I was really excited because I wondered whether there could be even more double-yolkers in the box. But I didn't dare to find out until I made dinner again the next day."

Winfield said it turned out all six eggs in the box had double yolks.

The British Egg Information Service said fewer than one in 1,000 eggs have double yolks, making the odds of having six in the same box about one in a trillion.


"When it got down to the last one, I was so nervous that I actually dropped it. It cracked on to the kitchen floor and there was yet again another double yolk," Winfield said. "What happened must be as unlikely as winning the lottery -- although the lottery would be better, obviously! We'd probably be sitting in another country right now and not eating eggs."

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