Cat spends two days in tree before being rescued in Montreal

Aug. 31, 2013 at 11:27 AM
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MONTREAL, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- A Montreal cat's two-day adventure up a tree finally ended, but not before its owners failed to lure it down with treats, a makeshift ladder and his pet mate.

The cat, named Rasmo, was rescued Friday and reunited with its owners after a man called a friend who worked for the Ville St-Laurent borough government, The (Montreal) Gazette reported Saturday.

"A gentleman came by, offered to pay to help the cat and then called a friend of his who works for the [borough] of St-Laurent," resident Pamela Pridham said. "The cat was then rescued and is now purring and loving the attention of all his neighbors."

Pridham said the fire department and an animal rescue group were unable to help.

The owner and neighbors tried several methods to try to get Rasmo to climb down but without success, the Gazette said. They tried hoisting a laundry basket of food and water to the cat, hoping it would jump into the basket. No go.

The owners tried hoisting their other cat up in the basket, thinking maybe Rasmo might jump into the basket. Rasmo climbed higher.

Neighbors built a makeshift plank and positioned it from the tree to a roof. Rasmo climbed higher still.

Experts told the Gazette it can sometimes take cats up to four days to climb down from a tree.

The report did not include details on how they finally got the cat down from the tree.

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