Zoo Atlanta's twin pandas take turns with their mother

ATLANTA, July 17 (UPI) -- Zoo Atlanta said the twin giant panda cubs born at the facility are being rotated with their mother to ensure they both receive care.

Officials said pandas in the wild tend to abandon a twin in favor of raising the other cub, but the zoo is rotating the twins born Monday night between an incubator and their mother so they can take turns being raised by their parent, WXIA-TV, Atlanta, reported Wednesday.


"The female basically abandons one and only raises one cub. In a zoo setting we are able to augment that and keep one in the incubator and actually swap them out so that she raises both cubs but not at the same time," zoo deputy director Dwight Lawson said.

The zoo said the twins will not be named until their 100th day of life, part of a Chinese tradition. Officials said a public naming campaign will be held near the 100th day and Chinese officials will be consulted before the names are selected due to the Chinese ownership of the pandas.

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