English politician claims he fathered child with alien

Kristen Butler,
English politician Simon Parkes claims he has fathered a child with an alien, and that his real mother is in fact an alien. (YouTube/AMMACH)
English politician Simon Parkes claims he has fathered a child with an alien, and that his "real mother" is in fact an alien. (YouTube/AMMACH)

Labour councillor Simon Parkes, who represents Stakesby on Whitby Town Council, has previously claimed he has not only fathered an alien child named Zarka, but that his "real mother" is an extraterrestrial as well.

The driving instructor, who has three children with his human wife, said sexual intercourse with the alien he refers to as the Cat Queen happens about four times a year. And now he says his alien relationship is causing marital strife.


"My wife found out about it and was very unhappy, clearly," Parkes said. "That caused a few problems, but it is not on a human level, so I don’t see it as wrong."

“What will happen is that we will hold hands and I will say ‘I’m ready’ and then the technology I don’t understand will take us up to a craft orbiting the earth," he explained.

He explained in a YouTube video that his "real mother" is a green alien with eight fingers who is nine feet tall. Parkes also said on the Channel 4 documentary "Confessions Of An Alien Abductee" his first recollection is of being lifted out of his cot by an alien.


"There are plenty of people in my position who don’t chose to come out and say it because they are terrified it will destroy their careers," he said.

But Parkes, who was also councillor for Hackney in the 1990s, says his experiences with aliens don't hinder his ability to serve. "I’m more interested in fixing someone’s leaking roof or potholes," he said.

Parkes says he is followed and monitored by the extraterrestrials, and that they told him "you will never be hurt, you will never be harmed."

Fellow councillor Terry Jennison said "I am completely in the dark about this.”

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