Judge suggests cocktails in the Hamptons for former friends

NEW YORK, June 6 (UPI) -- A New York judge advised a billionaire and his former art dealer to settle a dispute -- partially about a Popeye sculpture -- over cocktails in the Hamptons.

Justice Barbara Kapnick of the city Supreme Court recommended Revlon head Ron Perelman and his former art dealer, Larry Gagosian, attempt to settle their differences on their own before she has to make a ruling on the case, the New York Post reported Thursday.


Perelman accuses Gagosian of cheating him on art transactions, including undervaluing a Jeff Koons Popeye sculpture at $4 million.

Kapnick dismissed Perelman attorney Marc Kasowitz's attempts to cite a law aimed at consumer protection.

"This deal for $10 million and $12 million of art is not a consumer-oriented type of activity," she said.

"I really think that these two gentlemen ought to get themselves together at a cocktail party in the Hamptons this summer," Kapnick said. "This is a crazy case to have going on here in court, and you ought to try to see if this can't get resolved before I write my decision."

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