Philippine high school senior has 41 names

May 20, 2013 at 3:05 PM
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PANGASINAN, Philippines, May 20 (UPI) -- A high school senior in the Philippines is drawing attention for his unusual name, which includes 40 first names and a surname.

The latest senior to enroll at Urdaneta City National High School in Pangasinan is a 15-year-old student named Ratziel Timshel Ismail Zerubbabel Zabud Zimry Pike Blavatsky Philo Judaeus Polidorus Isurenus Morya Nylghara Rakoczy Kuthumi Krishnamurti Ashram Jerram Akasha Aum Ultimus Rufinorum Jancsi Janko Diamond Hu Ziv Zane Zeke Wakeman Wye Muo Teletai Chohkmah Nesethrah Mercavah Nigel Seven Morningstar A. San Juan CCCII, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported Monday.

The initial A. stands for Agustin, his mother's surname.

The boy's older brother, Ramuel, 21, and sister Ramille Lewisse, 25, each have 20 first names and a surname.

Their father, Rufino Ramil San Juan V, said he started the naming tradition with the oldest child as a means of teaching the government about flexibility.

"My first child was born, but I was not happy when people in charge of her documents showed little imagination," San Juan said. "The form had a very short empty line where I was expected to fill out with my daughter's name. I asked, 'What if I decide to give my child a longer name?' and got the reply, 'You can't do that.'

"So I decided that I could do just that. My wife did have reservations as any level-headed, geometrically centered mathematics teacher would."

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