Amnesty event lures illegal reptiles

SMITHTOWN, N.Y., April 28 (UPI) -- Three alligator owners dropped off their animals at the first-ever amnesty program aimed at luring illegal reptiles and amphibians, organizers in New York said.

The Rainforest Reptile Show, a traveling educational program, adopted the animals in Smithtown on Long Island, the New York Post reported.


The owners said they couldn't handle the alligators anymore.

"I'm done with alligators," said a man who gave up his 4-year-old alligator, Wally. "It was getting too big for its enclosure. I got it as a baby and got attached to it. I just want a better home for it."

Abandoned alligators have been an issue on Long Island, the Post said. Last week, four of the abandoned animals were fished out of the Peconic River.

The animals can grow to 14 feet, weigh 1,000 pounds and live for 50 years.

A boa constrictor, two tortoises and a snapping turtle were also surrendered.

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