Kite buggy driver seeks speed record

March 19, 2013 at 7:04 PM
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LAS VEGAS, March 19 (UPI) -- A Las Vegas kite buggy driver says he got his wind-powered vehicle to go 84 mp but he needs to do it again for the camera so there is proof he has set a record.

Brian Holgate, 28, who has been using kites for about seven years to propel his buggy across the Ivanpah dry lake bed, said he was hoping for a windy enough day so he can top 100 mph -- and then submit video evidence to Guinness World Records, the Las Vegas Sun reported Tuesday.

Holgate said he beat the record -- 82.89 mph -- once before but he had only GPS data to back up his claim, he was accused of using a car to falsify his data.

"My whole drive on all this is I want to have the record videotaped. I want to have it documented properly and be the first person to put it in the 'Guinness Book of World Records,'" Holgate said. "That will kind of redeem myself, not so much for them, but for me.

"I don't like people thinking I'm lying," Holgate said. "I don't want people to think I'm just trying to be in the limelight. ... My intention isn't to do it to be in the limelight. My goal is to do it because I want to do it."

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