Icelandic cow sets new record for milk

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- A dairy cow on a farm in southern Iceland has broken the national lifetime record for milk production, giving 245,494 pounds in 14 years.

By the end of November, Mokolla, part of the herd at Kirkjulaekur, a farm in Fljotshlid, South Iceland, had beaten the previous record-holder by 333 pounds, Iceland Review reported. Mokolla appears to be still in her milk-producing years, so her lead is likely to increase.


The South Iceland Agriculture Society on its website said Mokolla was born April 7, 1996, and began her career as a milk-producer in 1998. Her best year was 2008.

Mokolla's first calf arrived in 1998, and its most recent was born Feb. 8.

The Agricultural Society described Mokolla as a lucky cow with a good inheritance. Its paternal grandmother, Snegla, was also a notable milk producer.

Hrafnhetta, a cow on the farm Holmar in Austur-Landeyjar, South Iceland, was the previous record-holder.

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