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Dec. 11, 2012 at 6:30 AM
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Police warn against Apple Maps

MILDURA, Australia, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- Police in Mildura, Australia, are telling drivers not to use Apple Maps because of the dangers of getting lost in the desert.

Mildura police said they have received numerous calls from motorists who found themselves lost and stranded in the desert because they got their driving directions from the iOS mapping app for Apple devices, InformationWeek reported Monday.

"Tests on the mapping system by police confirm the mapping systems lists Mildura in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park, approximately (45 miles) away from the actual location of Mildura," senior Sgt. Sharon Darcy said. "Police are extremely concerned as there is no water supply within the park and temperatures can reach as high as (115 degrees), making this a potentially life-threatening issue."

The Police Department recommended motorists use alternative maps until Apple repairs the errors.

Wrong wedding gown found after 26 years

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., Dec. 10 (UPI) -- A Georgia woman who wanted to show her wedding dress to her daughter said she unwrapped the garment after 26 years to find it was the wrong gown.

Kim Jones said she wanted to show the dress to her daughter, college freshman Emily Jones, and she took the gown out of the wrapping it had been placed in by White Way Cleaners in Brentwood, Tenn., 26 years ago and discovered she had been given the wrong dress, The (Nashville) Tennessean reported Monday.

Jones, who lived in Tennessee at the time of her wedding and later moved to Georgia, said the dry cleaner, which has since gone out of business, recommended she keep the garment wrapped to prevent the fabric from deteriorating. She said the dress in the wrapping had a similar beading to her dress, so she did not notice the difference when looking through the windows of the wrapping.

Jones said the other box had a tracking ticket that matched the one she was given when she took the dress to the cleaner, but another ticket on the inside was one digit off from her number.

The mother and daughter said they hope they can track down the original dress so Emily can one day wear it for her own wedding day.

"As the only girl in the family, this is the one thing that my mother had for me. She took the time to keep it and preserve it. And to find out that it wasn't hers after all these years was very disappointing," she said.

Police: Man used glue on ex's belongings

LYKENS, Pa., Dec. 10 (UPI) -- Pennsylvania State Police said they arrested a man accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend's home and using glue on her refrigerator and computer.

Police said Dennis Homberg, 42, of Elizabethville entered his ex-girlfriend's Lykens apartment when she was away Nov. 12 and glued shut the refrigerator door and a utensil drawer, and poured glue on the woman's computer keyboard, The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News reported Monday.

Homberg was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, stalking and criminal mischief.

Bride arrested for attack on guest

LONDON, Dec. 11 (UPI) -- An English woman, still wearing her wedding dress, spent the night in a cell after she allegedly attacked a guest at her reception.

Friends told the Daily Mirror that Amy Ward was trying to protect her new husband. They said Allen Herve tried to stop the guest because the man was behaving inappropriately.

Ward, 32, and Herve, 54, were married Saturday in a civil ceremony. She was arrested early Sunday morning at the Bromley Court Hotel in south suburban London.

"Allen confronted him. It was a family do and there were still lots of kids around," one guest said. "This guy took exception and knocked Allen to the floor. It was then that Amy waded in to try and protect her husband and a couple of blokes went in to help her."

Ward spent the night at the police station.

Police said she was released with a caution Sunday afternoon when the alleged victim declined to press charges.

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