250 dates and no match for N.Y. man

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., Oct. 8 (UPI) -- A New York state multimillionaire who has spent more than $65,000 on matchmaking services in the past 12 years said the dating services are a "rip-off."

Larry Greenfield, 47, a securities trader from Plainview, said he has tried six different agencies and met 250 different women, but none were his ideal mate -- a beautiful, thin, Jewish girl with a sense of humor who is from New York, the New York Post reported Monday.


"New York is a tough market for a guy like me. I thought I get the career, then I find the woman," Greenfield said.

He said the matchmaking services are a "rip-off."

"You pay them up front and they don't provide a service. They tell you how wonderful you are, whatever you want to hear," Greenfield said.

One matchmakers said Greenfield's problem is that he's too picky.

"In the outside world, he would not be able to get a date with that girl ... , said Maureen Tara Nelson, a matchmaker who had Greenfield as a client for a year.

"He was too picky! I gave him exactly what he wanted multiple times ... He would always come back with some minor, minor thing that the person wasn't perfect."


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