U.S. diners have pizza 4.3 times a month

NEW YORK, Oct. 3 (UPI) -- The Zagat restaurant review service said the results of its first-ever Pizza Survey indicate U.S. diners eat pizza an average 4.3 times per month.

The website said its survey found 83 percent of respondents counted pizza as among their favorite foods and indicates the average U.S. consumer eats pizza an average 4.3 times per month.


Zagat said pepperoni was the favorite topping in the survey, with 38 percent of respondents naming it as their preferred pizza topper. Anchovies were the least favorite, with 34 percent saying they are not fans.

New York-style thin crust pizza was the favorite pizza style, with 38 percent choosing it over brick oven style, which received 23 percent support; Neapolitan style, which was preferred by 13 percent of respondents; and Chicago deep dish, which was chosen by 8 percent of those polled.

The website did not release the methodology of the survey or a margin of error.

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