Lifeguards fired over YouTube video

EL MONTE, Calif., Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A group of California lifeguards fired over a parody they made of popular music video "Gangnam Style" asked the City Council for their jobs back.

The 14 part-time El Monte lifeguards, who were fired for using their Parks and Recreation Division-issued swimwear and the city pool for their "Lifeguard Style" YouTube music video, appeared before the City Council Tuesday alongside a group of supporters to ask for their jobs back, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.


"At first, we were shocked at all the attention this was getting," said lifeguard Jacob Lopez, 19. "But the more supporters there were, the more it made me believe in what we were doing."

The lifeguards said they have even received support from Psy, the South Korean musician behind the original "Gangnam Style" video.

The City Council did not make a decision on the issue Tuesday.

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