Man crashes car, refuses to come out

BRAAS, Sweden, June 18 (UPI) -- A Swedish man who has remained in his vehicle for more than 48 hours following a crash resulted in police receiving calls about a corpse in a car.

Braas emergency services said they received a call about a man crashing his car into a ditch around 3:30 p.m. Saturday and they discovered the car was stuck in the ditch and 37-year-old driver, who appeared to be uninjured, refused to exit the vehicle, Swedish news agency TT reported Monday.


A police spokesman said there are no laws against sitting in a car following a wreck, provided police are allowed to carry out the necessarily post-incident tests and reports.

"If he's not really drunk or intoxicated we can't bring him in," the spokesman said.

Police said the man may continue to sit in his car until the results of his drug test come back in two weeks.

The driver told TT he didn't want to leave the disabled car alone on the roadway for fear of vandalism.

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