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April 25, 2012 at 6:00 AM
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Obama cracks wise after yogurt spill

BOULDER, Colo., April 25 (UPI) -- President Barack Obama told a woman she has "a story to tell" after she spilled yogurt on him Tuesday at a bar and restaurant in Boulder, Colo.

The president was in Boulder as part of a tour of college campuses intended to pressure Congress to take action to prevent an automatic increase in higher education loan rates this summer.

During an unannounced stop at The Sink at about 6:25 MDT, Obama shook hands, posed for pictures, ordered a large pizza and bought a stack of T-shirts. As the president greeted a cluster of people outside the restaurant, a young woman spilled yogurt on him.

Obama wiped up the spill with a towel and told the woman, "Getting yogurt on the president, you've got a story to tell."

"I'm very embarrassed," the young woman said.

Discarded shoe filled, not with human foot

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 25 (UPI) -- A Columbus, Ohio, city employee found what he believed to be a severed foot, prompting him to call police over what turned out to be a shoe filled with debris.

The employee, who works at the Columbus' water-treatment plant, was walking near the Scioto River Tuesday morning when he stepped on a shoe with a bone in, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reported.

The shoe appeared to be full and had a bone visibly sticking out of it, so the employee, whose name was not released, alerted police.

When police took a closer look at the shoe, they found it was full of sticks and dirt, and the bone appeared to be from a steak, not a human skeleton, homicide detective Ron Custer said.

To be certain, though, police collected the shoe, along with other bones and debris from the area, for further investigation.

"There's nothing in the area that shows us a crime was committed," he said. "When you get down along the water, you get a hodgepodge of stuff."

Web site: 6A the perfect plane seat

EDINBURGH, Scotland, April 25 (UPI) -- Scotland-based flight comparison site Skyscanner said its poll indicates airline passengers consider 6A to be the best seat on a standard aircraft.

The Web site said its poll of more than 1,000 airline passengers found many riders valued being able to sit near the front of the plane while others preferred the middle of the aircraft, making Row 6 the perfect compromise. The site said passengers also liked having window seats, making 6A the most sought-after location on the aircraft.

"Frequent flyers have also reported that the left-hand side of the plane is best as the windows are off center, allowing for wall space to lean on," said Sam Baldwin, travel editor for Skyscanner. "I just hope that the low-cost carriers don't find out that there is such demand for seat 6A and start charging a premium for it!"

Fake Dunkin' Donuts auditor arrested

ORLANDO, Fla., April 25 (UPI) -- Police in Florida said witnesses foiled a fake Dunkin' Donuts corporate auditor who attempted to steal cash from the eatery.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said Ricardo Diaz, 48, convinced employees at the Alafaya Trail doughnut shop in Orlando that he has been sent from the company's corporate headquarters to conduct an audit and talked them into pulling out the register drawer, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Tuesday.

Diaz allegedly grabbed cash from the drawer and attempted to flee while the workers were in a back room but he was stopped by witnesses about 200 yards from the shop and held until deputies arrived.

Diaz was booked into the Orange County jail on charges of robbery, petit theft and burglary.

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