Woman insulted by Radio Shack receipt

HILLANDALE, Md., March 13 (UPI) -- A Maryland woman said she was shocked when she saw her receipt from Radio Shack identified her as an "ugly itch" from "ghettohood, usa, tattoville, Maryland."

Shanae Lewis said she had a disagreement with a salesman at the Hillandale Radio Shack when she purchased a $20 cassette adapter and the salesman told her about Montgomery County's 5-cent bag tax, which she had never heard of because she is from Baltimore, WUSA-TV, Baltimore, reported Tuesday.


Lewis said she argued with the salesman for a few minutes before asking for a refund, which she received along with a receipt.

She said she was shocked to find the words "ugly itch, ghettohood, usa, tattoville, Maryland" typed at the bottom of the receipt.

Lewis said the salesman admitted to typing the words and said he was kidding, but she was not amused.

"I was shocked more so than anything, and then I became angry," Lewis said.

Lewis said she has contacted Radio Shack's corporate office and hopes to get the salesman fired.

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