Women, Liberal Democrats favor Valentine's

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LONDON, Feb. 13 (UPI) -- Women are significantly more enthusiastic than men in celebrating Valentine's Day -- by nearly 10 percent -- a British dating Web site indicated.

The survey by dating site asked 6,878 users how positively or negatively they felt about Valentine's Day and a statistician combined their answers with anonymized data from their dating profiles.


A person's political persuasion was one of the strongest predictors of favoring Valentine's Day, along with how politically active that person was. Liberal Democrats -- along with lawyers, Christians and women who don't read books -- were particularly positive toward Valentine's Day.

Tory (Conservative) and Labor (center and the left on the left-right spectrum, but excluding far left stances) voters were particularly negative to Valentine's Day, beaten only by atheists and scientists.

Married men looking to cheat on their wives were marginally more positive than Tory and Labor supporters, the survey found.

Other findings included:

-- Christians and Catholics are among the most positive, while atheists and agnostics are among the most negative toward Valentine's Day.

-- Occupation was statistically irrelevant, except for lawyers, who were extremely positive, or scientists who were extremely negative.


-- The more serious a relationship someone was looking for, the more pro-Valentine's they were.

No further survey details were provided.

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