Found money produces many claimants

DULUTH, Minn., Dec. 10 (UPI) -- A Duluth, Minn., newsman who found some cash says the ad he ran in the newspaper produced no fewer than 18 calls from folks claiming they lost money recently.

Jaime DeLage, a night editor at the Duluth News Tribune, said in a column Saturday that he placed the ad recently after finding some money in the street while walking his dogs.


"It wasn't much," he wrote, "but I live in a pretty close-to-the-bone neighborhood and I pictured some single mom dropping it while wrestling with a baby and a couple of shopping bags. So I placed the ad.

'Found: Chunk of cash. Tell me where and how much.' Boy did I get some phone calls."

DeLage said 18 people got in touch to say they had lost money in the Duluth area. One caller said their son had lost a deposit envelope with about $500 in it. Another dropped $120 outside a curling club, yet another a couple of hundred outside a Walmart. A woman said $5,000 was missing from her purse and a man said he was missing $26,000 in receipts from the Bayfront Blues Festival.


DeLage said so far none matched with the cash he found.

"I'll give it one more week," he wrote.

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