Rescued St. Bernard chases burglar

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HILLSBORO, Ohio, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- A St. Bernard dog rescued by an Ohio couple returned the favor a few hours later when he alerted them to a burglar who had cut their phone line.

Robert "Lee" Littler told The Times-Gazette of Hillsboro he and his wife, Elizabeth, now have a dilemma. The couple already had four dogs when they brought Hercules home and were not planning on keeping the 135-pound animal permanently in their Hillsboro home.


"Originally, we adopted him because we didn't want him to be euthanized. We thought we'd get him back up and going and see if we couldn't get him a new home or some rescue group to take him," Littler said. "But now we don't know what we're going to do. I think he's more or less earned his right to stay."

Hercules' life has been full of ups and downs. A local lawyer hiking with a friend found him on a trail, dehydrated and suffering from what appeared to be coyote bites.

The dog ended up in the pound after jumping a fence Nov. 2 and escaping from the lawyer's yard.


Littler said he was taking Hercules outside for a bathroom break Wednesday when the dog began growling. Hercules pulled away from Littler's hand and dashed across the yard, grabbing an intruder by the ankle.

The intruder got away, but Littler believes that is only because Hercules has not completely recovered from the coyote attack. He later discovered the phone lines had been cut.

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