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Nov. 10, 2011 at 6:30 AM
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Robber tried to get 'Call of Duty'

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 10 (UPI) -- Police in Missouri said a man who was frustrated by long lines to buy "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" tried to take it from another man at gunpoint.

Investigators said David Morales, 18, of North Kansas City visited the Kansas City GameStop store just after midnight Tuesday for the popular game's release and was frustrated when he saw the long line, The Kansas City (Mo.) Star reported Wednesday.

Police said Morales decided to steal a copy, so he followed customer Adam Freeman to his apartment, parked his red Ford Explorer behind Freeman's vehicle and pointed a gun at the man, demanding he hand over the game.

However, Freeman was not keen on giving up the game, so he struggled briefly with Morales before the alleged gunman fled in his vehicle.

Police said they found Morales back at the store, waiting in line for the game.

The arrest report said Morales told officers he "freaked out" because he hadn't expected the victim to fight back.

Morales was arrested on charges of attempted robbery and armed criminal action. He was jailed in lieu of $50,000 bond.

Police: Job interviewee stole Xbox

BUSHKILL, Pa., Nov. 10 (UPI) -- Police in Pennsylvania said a man accused of stealing an Xbox system from an electronics store had just been turned down for a job at the shop.

Jake Gruver, manager of the Best Buy store in Bethlehem Township, told police he interviewed Timothy Joseph Mandes, 23, of Bushkill for a job about 1 p.m. Nov. 2 but he decided not to hire the man, The (Allentown) Morning Call reported Wednesday.

Gruver told officers an employee saw Mandes in the Xbox section before the man left the store. An empty box was found with its game system missing moments later.

Police said surveillance cameras depict Mandes shoving the gaming system down his pants.

Bushkill police said they visited Mandes' home Nov. 4 and the man fought with officers and attempted to escape. He was subdued with a Taser and arrested on charges of retail theft, resisting arrest, flight to avoid apprehension and disorderly conduct.

Mandes was jailed in lieu of $15,000 bail.

Votes for dead mayor declared invalid

MONTAGUE, Mich., Nov. 10 (UPI) -- A Michigan town is getting a new mayor who received fewer votes than the dead incumbent in this week's election.

Officials in Montague said they had reviewed the city charter and state election law following the death last week of 84-year-old Mayor Henry Roesler Jr. and determined any votes he received would be invalid. Roesler out-polled Kevin Erb 129-115 Tuesday but the victory went to the challenger, The Muskegon Chronicle reported Wednesday.

"I'm looking forward to doing the job," Erb said.

"I have great respect for Mayor Roesler and the direction he had our city going," Erb said. "He definitely set the bar high."

Erb said he is hoping to find a list of goals written down by Roesler before his death last week following a battle with cancer. Roesler served for 20 years as mayor of the town of 2,400.

Fla. trooper's patrol car covered in feces

MIAMI, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- The Florida Highway Patrol says it is investigating whether feces dumped on one of its patrol cars stemmed from a trooper's arrest of a Miami police officer.

Highway Patrol union chief William Smith said the cruiser used by Trooper Joe Sanchez was found covered in feces outside his home Sunday, WPLG-TV, Miami, reported Wednesday. Sanchez held a seat on the Miami City Commission for a decade.

Smith said the human feces looked "like it might have come out of one of the Port-O-Potties you see around at construction sites."

Smith said investigators are looking into whether the incident was connected to a recent controversy with Miami police. Trooper Donna Watts pulled over Miami police officer Fausto Lopez at gunpoint in a patrol car last month after he allegedly weaved in and out of traffic at 120 mph while en route to an off-duty job.

"Some people go 'Oh, it's got to be the city of Miami.' No, it doesn't. It could have been a disgruntled neighbor for all we know. It could have been anybody," Smith said. "It could have been a cousin of a cousin who has a friend who is in law enforcement and he felt like he needed to show his displeasure with what happened last month."

Highway Patrol investigators said the incident may have been an act of retaliation, but they do not believe a Miami police officer was behind the feces-dumping.

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