Parking ticket paid 57 years late

Nov. 6, 2011 at 7:12 PM
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YORK, Neb., Nov. 6 (UPI) -- Someone apparently decided it was time to pay a parking ticket issued to his mother in a small Nebraska town -- in 1954.

An anonymous man cleaning out his mother's home found the unpaid ticket issued to a vehicle license in Oklahoma that was parked at Meter 77 in downtown York, Neb., July 13, 1954, and decided it was time to take care of the matter, the York News-Times reported.

On Nov. 1, the man walked into the office of York Police Chief Don Klug and, unseen by the official, left the fine -- a single dime taped to the ticket inside an antique frame -- on the chief's desk.

"This was a pretty unusual thing to see someone pay an outstanding parking ticket 57 years after the fact," Klug said.

"It's really pretty neat, that someone would pay this parking ticket so many years later, or even find it among someone's belongings," Klug said. "Another really interesting part of this whole thing is the wording on the ticket."

It is polite and genteel.

"We are sorry," the ticket states, "to have to leave this tag. However, our parking space is so limited we have to divide it up. A charge of 10 cents is made for your extra time. You may enclose a dime in this envelope and deposit it in the red box located on the corner."

"We hope you understand our parking problem," the ticket language continued. "Help us solve it, won't you? Thanks! Come again!" And then it was signed, "York Police Department."

"I plan to hang it on my office wall," Klug said. "It's just not something you see happen every day."

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