Teens trapped in shopping cart call cops

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ED, Sweden, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Two teenage girls were joy riding in a shopping cart in Sweden when they found themselves stuck -- both in the cart and in the middle of nowhere, police said.

Emergency services in the small tourist town of Ed, in western Sweden, said they were surprised when they received a call Saturday night from two girls asking for help getting out of a shopping cart, The Local reported Monday.


"I presume they found it quite embarrassing," Joakim Nystedt at the Ed emergency services told The Local.

The teens said were in a remote area of town when they spotted the shopping cart and decided to climb inside. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that they were wedged in so tight they couldn't get enough leverage to get out.

They were stuck in the cart for about an hour before help arrived.

"They were sitting next to each other down in the cart, one in the front and one in the back. There wasn't much space left," Nystedt said. "It was humorous."

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