Couple, lost in orchard, call 911

STOW, Mass., Oct. 28 (UPI) -- An embarrassed Massachusetts couple said they had to call 911 for help when they became lost in an apple orchard.

Mark and Marcia Rosenthal said they were picking apples at the Honey Pot Orchard in Stow and began to realize they were lost as darkness fell on the area, WHDH-TV, Boston, reported Thursday.


"I said, 'Marcia, we're going the wrong direction.' She was screaming at me to shut up in a whole other language," said Mark Rosenthal, a local meteorologist.

The couple said they called police when no one answered the phone at the orchard store.

"Here you got this 56-year-old guy who's a weatherman forever who should know his geography, who's lost in an apple orchard. Feeling like a jerk calling the police," Rosenthal said.

The couple said the police dispatcher told them to call 911 so authorities could track them with GPS.

Police were able to help the couple out of the orchard.

"I felt like an idiot. I really felt stupid. And I hate being lost," Rosenthal said.

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