Cougar spotted near home of Chicago Bears

LAKE FOREST, Ill., Oct. 23 (UPI) -- Lake Forest, Ill., residents say there is a mountain lion lurking near the home of the Chicago Bears.

At least three residents have reported seeing what they say is a mountain lion or cougar in the past two weeks, said Phil Duncan, property manager for Conway Farms Homeowners Association, which is across the street from the Bears practice facility, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.


Jane Stickney reported seeing the big cat while walking her dog Thursday night.

"I could see it had a kitty head, with kitty ears and a long tail and it moved like a cat," she said. She said she has seen deer near her Lake Forest home, but never a cougar.

Lake Forest police have not confirmed the sightings, but the homeowners association was concerned enough that Duncan sent out an e-mail to residents warning them of the animal.

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