Man patents 'perfect snowman' device

MUNICH, Germany, Sept. 27 (UPI) -- A New York state native living in Germany said he has obtained a U.S. patent for an invention designed to make creating snowmen easier.

Marc Asperas, 45, a patent lawyer with a background in engineering, said his beach ball-like spheres create "the perfect snowman" when a small generator gives them an electric charge, causing snow to cling to the surface of the spheres, the New York Post reported Tuesday.


"We have created the Internet. China is getting ready to send a person to the moon. And we invented Silly Putty, perhaps one of the all-time greatest inventions a big kid ever invented. Can't somebody build a better snow man?" Asperas' patent application reads. "Today is that day."

Asperas, a Melville, N.Y., native living in Munich, Germany, said he obtained his patent after five years of attempts.

"A lot of people poke fun at these type of patents, but this is a real project," he said. "I think I'm bringing snowman-making to Germany. I have this dastardly idea where I'm going to use my device to build snowmen during the winter at famous places here."

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