Woman 'depressed' over gum on dentures

EDMONTON, Alberta, Sept. 22 (UPI) -- A Canadian woman claims chewing gum that stuck to her dentures sparked short-term depression and she's suing the manufacturer over the ordeal.

The lawsuit filed last week in Edmonton, Alberta, by lawyers for Elsie Pawlow seeks $100,000 from the manufacturer of Stride chewing gum, the QMI Agency reported.


Pawlow, who said in her suit she is "still holding" at age 49, is suing Kraft Canada, the parent company of Cadbury Adams, the manufacturer of the gun widely advertised as "ridiculously long-lasting."

"Over a period of five minutes the gum falls apart into little pieces and sticks to the dentures," her claim says. "As a result, the plaintiff has suffered depression for approximately 10 minutes."

Her suit says she finds the process of "digging out" small bits of gum to be "disgusting," the report said.

The suit, which cost her $200 to file, also is seeking to recover her legal costs and interest, QMI said.

There was no immediate response from Kraft, which hasn't yet filed a statement of defense.

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