Man attempting to live off breast milk

Sept. 22, 2011 at 3:49 PM
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DURHAM, N.C., Sept. 22 (UPI) -- A North Carolina expert said a blogger attempting to subsist entirely on his wife's breast milk is unlikely to find any nutritional benefits.

The blogger, who identifies himself only as Curtis on the blog,, said his first child was born nine months ago and his wife has an extensive supply of frozen breast milk from the births of the infant girl and her two previous children, ABC News reported Wednesday.

"I mean cow milk was made for baby cows, why not drink human breast milk that was made for baby humans," Curtis wrote in his first post.

The blogger's Thursday post informed readers he was on his third day of the diet and he has "had no problems with BMs, mostly because I haven't had one yet."

Curtis said he is aiming to find out how long he can live strictly off the breast milk and document any benefits he discovers.

However, Martin Binks, clinical director of Binks Behavioral Health in Durham, N.C., said breast milk is unlikely to benefit Curtis, as humans experience changing dietary needs as they grow.

"While babies' digestive systems and nutritional needs are provided for in such a diet, as we develop into adulthood, our nutritional needs evolve in such a way that we need a balance of nutritional foods for good health, including fiber," Binks said. "Breast milk cannot provide all we, as adults, need nutritionally and, in fact, (breast milk) has very high levels of cholesterol."

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